The Power of Community

February 29th, 2024 by Katya Vorobyeva & Tom Quantrill

We share a Passion

Nestled amidst the buzzing energy of the on a rare and special date, a journey of connection and networking unfolded as Tom and I embarked on the exciting adventure of hosting a talk on the power of community. Being community builders ourselves, we share a passion and see the need to spread the importance of this very fundamental concept, and presented us with an unprecedented opportunity and a panel to do that. As a coworking space that empowers its residents, the monthly talks are a key part of bluebird’s identity, which, in turn, also greatly enhanced our own. 

As we took the stage, we explored the multifaceted world of communities and the intricacies of fostering connections, first sharing insights from our own experiences in professional, recreational, service and social communities. We traversed the spectrum, emphasizing and navigating through the essential elements of accountability, ownership, and shared goals – the core pillars that uphold the foundations of thriving communities, fostering trust, cohesion, and resilience.

With our performance, we aimed to inspire our eclectic audience – ranging from bluebird residents to professionals in different fields from outside – to open their minds and think more analytically about the different structures, formats and environments a community can belong to. For both professional and personal growth, we encouraged them to think about communities they are already a part of, consciously or unconsciously, to see how they contribute to the shared goals of their communities, and whether they would want to take a more active role in their participation.

To shape this into a valuable exchange of experiences, we opened up the floor and invited our listeners to share their own stories of community engagement. The room really came alive as very diverse responsescreated a mosaic of insights and reflections. Together, all these cases, once again, only proved to us what a rewarding and saving power networking and community building have in the very divided modern world. 

Yet, no journey through community building is devoid of such challenges as accessibility, differences and conflict. Through a lens of open-mindedness and diversity, we proposed resolutions rooted in support mechanisms, fostering inclusivity, empathy and acceptance. 

Feeding into that, we were asked a question by a member of the hairdressing business group, which sparked a fruitful debate, on how to motivate hairdressers they work with to move towards shaping a vibrant community, and, this way, regenerate the recognition and admiration that this profession deserves, but has been losing. Tom says, “Make them want to be a part of it.” When frustration sets in due to underappreciation for your efforts to build and run a community, ignite curiosity and desire within others  by showing what your community will give its potential members through heartfelt storytelling and tangible impact of collective involvement.

And just like that, talking about obstacles, which often impede community growth, led us to the heights of empowerment and potential. From effective and constructive communication to giving more and skill sharing, we armed our audience with practical tools which can help cultivate dynamic, successful and balanced communities. 

The real proof was in the fun and wholesome social gathering which followed the talk. Amidst clinking glasses and lively discussions, we witnessed the seeds of inspiration take root, as attendees exchanged ideas and forged connections. We were honestly very touched and are very grateful for the feedback we received which made the entire experience of being able to host this talk at bluebird, in the first place, even much more rewarding. 

The very soulful and open-minded participants of our seminar expressed how impacted they were by the message we carried out, and that is – whatever you want to achieve in life, a community will help you get there, and in order to collaborate well, you need to function together well, which is where like-mindedness comes in. Like-minded people tend to unite under a shared purpose and values for truly transformative results, and the more creative, accountable and inclusive a community is, the larger the goal to achieve can be. 

Together, we’ve sparked something special that can inspire and bring people together, creating connections that transcend boundaries and make life better. Let’s keep building bridges, one conversation at a time.